Testimonials from Power Stoplight users (for press inquiries, names & addresses are available on request):

R.B. from DeKalb, IL:

Power Stoplight really helps me follow prices and manage usage on my electricity service where I’ve typically saved about $30 each month compared to the standard fixed rate.

But I’ve more recently had a PhotoVoltaic system installed that has netted me $ credits only on my ComEd electricity bills. This will change with the December bill, I am sure — though I do have a 25’ solar panel rake that I use to clear snow.

Keep me posted on any additions/changes to the app — a great app!

J.K. from Chicago, IL:

One benefit with using Power Stoplight is the integrated Smart Price – that gives some insight into what is most likely to occur in the near future – another factor ComEd doesn’t consider in the data they make available to end users.  The next benefit is the fact that I can quickly load the data on my device without having to go to a PC to check thewattspot.com, one of the few sites that list actual cost.


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