How can Power Stoplight help me save money?

Thanks to the Smart Grid Initiatives underway, more power companies offer  residential consumers Dynamic Pricing plans such as Real Time, Day Ahead, Time of Use, and Critical Peak Pricing. Some examples are ComEd’s Residential Real Time Pricing program available in the Chicago area and PG&E’s SmartRate program in the Bay Area of California. Power Stoplight tracks the price of electricity offered through these programs and tells you when it’s best use your high-power devices!

For other Regions covered by Power Stoplight, a rating figure is presented that indicates a relative price figure in effect which may be different for some customers at different usage levels, locations, building types, etc.

For Power Generation, Net Metering is the standard technical name for programs by which owners of generation systems can be paid for their own systems’ power being fed back into the grid. Every location has its own solar and wind (and geothermal, hydro, etc.) characteristics, so how much money you can spend or make on these systems is very much based on your location. In many cases though, the dynamic prices conveyed by Power Stoplight are the same rates that apply to your own power compensation from Net Metering.

For office buildings & industrial customers, Dynamic Pricing plans may be more readily available. Hence Power Stoplight can be even more helpful, though it is primarily intended for consumer informational purposes, not for buying or selling 1.21 GigaWatts of power!

Cost Savings Table

The table below lists common devices in the home whose energy usage is worth looking at AND that may be time-shiftable in your home. The Cost Savings Column on the right shows a reduction of %30 that off-peak electricity use can help you save, just by following Power Stoplight to help manage the consumption of these key devices. It really adds up!

Device Typ ON Power Cycle Length Energy Usage per Cycle Cost@Fixed 10c/kW·h Est. Monthy Cost Savings@30% Reduction
Dishwasher 1400W 45min 1.05 kW·h $0.11 $1.21 (11X) $0.36
Clothes Washer 2400W 50min 2.00 kW·h $0.20 $3.20 (16X) $0.96
Clothes Dryer 3900W 50min 3.25 kW·h $0.33 $5.28 (16X) $1.58
Air Conditioner 3000W 25min/hr (?) 1.25 kW·h $0.13 $90.00 (!) $30.00
Monthly Total $99.69 $32.90

* 30% average total costs savings are an average of both your modified usage patterns AND the lower rates available to most regions’ participants on dynamic pricing programs. Of course not all devices’ usages can be time-shifted as much as others. And again, neither Power Stoplight nor Smart Power Devices Ltd provide any guarantee regarding your usage or generation of energy!


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