Power Stoplight Live – Discontinued.

Harnessing the power of social networking, Power Stoplight now presents its graphical Smart Data below and publishes critical updates on Twitter and Facebook. Automatic notification means less work for you! Like and Follow Power Stoplight today and be sure to come back soon!

Reload this page to update as the images change in real-time. Note that the x-axes show hours in military time and the y-axes convey prices in cents/kiloWatt·hour – see our FAQ for further details.

Chicago, IL: ComEd RRTP  -  San Francisco, CA: PG&E SmartRate  -  Decatur, IL: Ameren PSP

The graphical data presented above is for the 3 regions most helped by Power Stoplight and for which Power Stoplight can best benefit its users through these social networking channels. At a minimum, the Facebook and Twitter News Feeds will send out 1 combined message per day, though other posts may occur given certain occurrences such as crossings (high and low) of price thresholds:

San Francisco, CA – 7AM Pacific Time: SmartDay in effect or not?

Decatur, IL – 9AM Central Time: Highest price of the day and at what time; Threshold crossing alerts at 6¢/kW·hr and 12¢/kW·hr.

Chicago, IL – Smart Price threshold crossing alerts at 6¢/kW·hr and 10¢/kW·hr. Note that the Smart Price figure is typically much less volatile than the 5-minute Spot Prices, labelled “New” on the chart above, and will lead to many less updates on Facebook and Twitter being needed.

The Smart Data feeding the images in this page typically updates every five minutes, though it may change at a different rate – feel free to reload it and to click the sponsor links on the right to support Power Stoplight. Note that Smart Power Devices Ltd  is not responsible for your use of these images nor of the data presented in Power Stoplight Mobile, on Facebook, or on Twitter and can not guarantee its accuracy, availability, or timeliness.

On Facebook, after you Like Power Stoplight, posted updates will automatically become part of your News Feed, keeping you up to date with posts at critical times as needed.

For the Twitter features of Power Stoplight to automatically notify you of critical events as they happen, you can add Power Stoplight by first Following it on your Twitter account, then configuring the Mobile Settings of Twitter to enable Power Stoplight messages’ delivery to you. Note that these messages are controllable to fit your schedule! Alternatively, much more easily, and even without a Twitter account, just text message the words FOLLOW POWERSTOPLIGHT to the number 40404 to enable text messages to your mobile phone as Power Stoplight alerts and updates happen.

As always, Power Stoplight is an evolving and improving service that is open to your feedback via email or through the comments page. Contact us with your name and email address if you would like your region to be added to Power Stoplight Live or your region to be added to the Power Stoplight Region list.

Power Stoplight – Pay What You Want!

At over two years in operation and looking forward to more, Power Stoplight is now following the Pay What You Want model. Please consider the value that Power Stoplight offers you and donate your choice of payment amount through the Secure Transaction PayPal Donate button below:


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